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Wednesday Link Round-Up

Happy Wednesday! Back when I was living the dream as a corporate attorney, Wednesdays were somewhat of a mixed bag. If I was busy on Wednesday, there was still hope that if I worked hard, focused and stayed late, if needed, that I wouldn’t have to work all weekend. If I wasn’t busy on Wednesday it inevitably meant that work would come in late Friday and need to be done by Monday. Slow Wednesdays were never a good sign. These days Wednesday is about getting stuff done. But, if you happen to find yourself in need of a little distraction while waiting for someone here are some fun links:

  • Lucky Magazine’s “How to Tie a Fishtail Braid” (via Into The Gloss)
  • I love this post about what a safe baby crib looks like (i.e. nothing like the photos on Pinterest).
  • Have you heard The Lumineer’s song “Hey Ho”? L likes to sing along! There’s really nothing sweeter than a 1-year old yelling Hey! Ho! Slightly out of time.
  • I wrote this post a couple years ago on a DIY version of Rodin’s Face Oil. My plan is to move over the couple useful posts I wrote a million years ago on Tumblr, but I have to figure out the logistics.
  • This baking soda and lemon trick really works! Like really, truly amazingly. I should have taken before & after shots of my sink because it was like magic. I’m completely a baking soda convert now.
  • I’ve been making soy candles lately (more on that soon). I really like the packaging of these candles from 11th & Grand’s Etsy shop.

The Cubana Cafe on Smith Street in Brooklyn has the best mojitos. (Image Credit: Caviera)

If you found this useful, I hope you’ll share it with a friend. You can find more goodness by me on Pinterest, Flickr and Twitter.

 July 10th, 2013  
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